Stop Gun Crime

In 1994 entrepreneur Craig Hartwell was shot by a rogue police officer in a Caribbean bar. Over the following years he channelled his pain and frustrations into legislative action. As a direct result of his campaigning, firearms law and police duty of care in fifty-three countries have been amended and improved. Now Craig is aiming his sights on the United States of America with the intention of contributing sensible policies with which all sides agree towards the reduction of gun violence.

‘We are not anti-gun, we are anti-gun violence.’

Stop Gun Crime is not a charity, it is a concept. Money is not being sought or raised for this cause at this time, however that may change in the future. For now Craig wishes only to raise the issue of a reduction in gun violence using his own experiences as a starting point. Guns have been invented, and exist to a greater or lesser degree everywhere. Although a tool in itself and unable harm without the action of a person, a gun is unique as it is conceived, designed and built for one purpose only–to exert deadly force, in the case of a handgun almost exclusively against humans. We do not seek to lecture, however we note that human beings are flawed, and as such when tools of destruction are in the hands of humans, they are often advertently or inadvertently used.

Freedom is the right of all mankind. However no man or woman or child is an island; we all live and act in concert. The actions of one necessarily affect the life of another. To live with guns we must understand and appreciate the delicate balance of freedom to act as we choose, whilst simultaneously conscious that our actions affect others and have consequence. Therefore a fair and balanced system of laws should exist with respect to guns as with everything.

Craig is available for public speaking on the subject of reducing gun violence. If a fee is payable it will at this time be used in the furtherance of theImpacts projects detailed elsewhere on this site. Should the concept of Stop Gun Crime grow and the need is justified, charity status and total separation of accounts will be sought and maintained to push the agenda of reducing gun crime and gun violence under this or an associated banner.

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