Blockchain and Identity Verification (IDV)

MobileID – The Blockchain and Identity Verification Company

MobileID is an IBM Technology Partner offering a range of products and services based around Blockchain and Identity Verification (IDV).

We are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and work in the secure cloud.

Our USPs:

  1. Our IDV service takes border control security and places it into a mobile device, turning your mobile phone into an all-encompassing security hub. We also have a full desktop service if required.
  1. The agility of our software means that we can seamlessly incorporate any international security software into our product very quickly, efficiently and cheaply. From CCTV to fingerprints and biometrics, to drone technology and social media footprints, we provide whatever you need to enhance your security processes.
  1. We make Data Protection central to our entire business. We believe very strongly in the protection of our clients’ data and in turn the protection of their customers’ data.
  1. As IBM Technology Partner we benefit as few others do from a close working relationship with the world’s premier computer company with an unparalleled history and market scope. We work hand in hand with IBM and our clients benefit hugely from this relationship.
  1. We uniquely blend IDV and Blockchain meaning that you can benefit from the super efficiency which Blockchain brings with an immediate identity functionality.
  1. We are interoperable with all public Blockchain services and can work on any platform and with any legacy services.

How do we help your business?

Every business process increasingly requires accountability and regulatory oversight to cut out corruption and increase efficiency. As such an identity component enhanced with the ability to anonymise data within a Blockchain is the both the zeitgeist and the end goal of all current business thinking.

From building security to HR, bank remote on-boarding and insurance, to supply chain efficiency and leasing agencies, we have a product for you.

Please contact MobileID for a full explanation of our services:

Associations: Wots Hot®Energy is a partner of MobileID.