Bulletproof – A documentary on the causes and solutions to gun violence

Borne of real-life bloodshed, BULLETPROOF is an ambitious multi-layered project centering on a 90-minute documentary examining global gun culture, with a particular focus on the United States of America. We enter this project from a totally neutral perspective with no preconceptions or ‘taking sides’. Our goal is simply to gather facts and examine the underlying causes of gun crime around the world, including the often ignored emotional ripples which radiate across borders and generations whenever a gun is fired in anger. Hundreds of thousands of people each year are shot and killed or seriously wounded somewhere in the world, and every occasion has its own shocking and always compelling story.

The film BULLETPROOF is at its heart a journey. A journey which begins with one man’s literally life-changing and ultimately world-changing story. It is a story which evolves and expands to encompass many nations where legislation has helped to reduce gun violence and human suffering. The journey culminates in the U.S. today, where urgent need for decisive action to end the national firearms conflict meets our optimism and hope for genuine change. We believe all sides want to see a reduction in gun violence, and once we can agree on a particular course of action this can be done. We will detail how with factual analytical showcasing of the data in engaging, entertaining, informative and sometimes surprising ways.

BULLETPROOF intends to drain some of the ire from the gun control debate. We will encourage balanced legislative change whilst protecting liberty and lawful firearms ownership by examining the causes of and responses to gun crime and laws across the globe. We will present the human angle through interviews with a wide array of people affected by this issue, from political leaders and celebrity activists to victims and their perpetrators, and provide a long-needed antidote to hysteria and fear-mongering on both sides. We commit in this film to always walk a bipartisan line of practicality and rationality, all the while looking forward to a safer future for everyone.

The IMPACTS Project
The BULLETPROOF documentary is one of five ‘Impacts’, each adding their own distinctive element to our movement to reduce gun violence.

The 5 Impacts of BULLETPROOF
Not simply a documentary, BULLETPROOF is multi-faceted, the result of a life’s work and challenge for producer Craig Hartwell which centres on the human, economic, legal, and moral impacts of guns, manifested within our project in our five distinct ‘Impacts’:

The Book

Previously published in 2014 under the title Gunshot In Paradise: My True Story, Craig Hartwell’s account of his experiences following a life-changing shooting in the British Virgin Islands will be re-edited and reprinted to coincide with the other ‘Impacts’ of the BULLETPROOF project.

The Documentary
Using Craig Hartwell’s experience as a starting point, the documentary will explore the impacts and costs of gun culture and how by coming together we really can bring about a positive change.

The Feature Film

Currently, outside of the other ‘Impacts’ of the BULLETPROOF project, the feature film is a dramatised adaptation of Hartwell’s experience in the BVI focussing on his subsequent immediate personal and legal challenges.

The Web Ecosystem
Covered in more detail in the Interactive Elements section of the proposal, the Web Ecosystem will include an array of innovative and familiar tools of engagement and interactivity to draw myriad demographics to the BULLETPROOF cause.

The Public Arena

The physical manifestation of the Web Ecosystem, the Public Arena will involve public talks and hosting ‘immersive’ art exhibitions featuring material from across the entire project, some provided by the audience themselves.

For more information, we will soon go live with the IMPACTS/BULLETPROOF website. Stay tuned for updates or contact us here.