Impacts – Art Exhibitions

One of the most exciting and truly groundbreaking aspects of the BULLETPROOF project is the Impacts Art Exhibition. Focusing on and named for one of the central themes of the documentary, Impacts will use technological concepts still new to film and completely unique to the documentary format.

Adaptable to both physical exhibition spaces and a virtual website space, each exhibition will host masses of information around the myriad impacts of guns in an immersive audiovisual experience, including:  

  • material filmed for (included/deleted) the BULLETPROOF documentary,
  • archival images and footage,
  • personal stories and experiences, as sourced from submissions to the site and podcasts

This raw material would then be assembled and arranged into brief films (approx. 12-15 minutes in length) using specially written algorithms. In layman’s terms, this means uniquely constructing films with minimal human involvement, reducing the possibility of individual bias.

Tensions inherent in the gun discourse will become clear through the incidental placement and juxtaposition of different pieces of data.These films can be shared and even created online as temporary exhibits, or exported as shareable content by visitors to the Impacts website.

Originally utilised for fiction filmmaking in Guy Maddin’s Seances project, such filmmaking and exhibition techniques allows for, within the framework of the documentary form, a cutting edge deconstruction of what documentaries are and can be, revolutionising the form while its novelty can serve as its own promotion. Audience members and online viewers are invited to participate, interact and even create their own narrative utilising their experiences to further expand the debate and push forward to a consensual conclusion.

For more information we will soon go live with the IMPACTS/BULLETPROOF website. Stay tuned for updates, or contact us here.