Eco-Construction Design

Modern house design varies throughout the world, with certain similarities:

Modern homes require low cost power and connectivity commensurate with advances in society that we all wish to enjoy, whether the richest cosmopolitan city or the poorest rural village.

Bedrooms should be cooler and quieter than living areas as human beings rest better in cool quiet surroundings.

Toilets should offer fresh running water where possible as sewage flushed away from food preparation and living areas coupled with the washing of hands is the single biggest factor in house design over the past century which has improved the health of developed and developing nations.

Wots Hot®Energy has spent several years designing Affordable Eco-Homes which incorporate the latest concepts in architecture and engineering at a price which is within reach of approximately half the world’s population.

Our brief:

  • Design from the ground up a standard 2-bedroom detached unit which together with land and professional fees could be produced and sold profitably for US$100,000 in multiple regions
  • Use materials which would pass the most rigorous international safety and design standards
  • Employ simple construction techniques which can be easily duplicated anywhere in the world
  • Future-proof the design allowing for retro-fitting advancing technologies and accommodating lifestyle changes including options for additional levels and extensions
  • IncorporateEco-Community town planning to provide secure, safe affordable environs where everyone and anyone would be not just happy but proud to live
  • As far as possible make our Eco-Communities self-sustaining enabling ‘off-grid’ developments thus opening up land for development previously not practically or economically viable.

Alternative designs:

Now that we have successfully completed our original brief, Wots Hot®Energy has expanded our designs to include semi-detached town houses, split and multi-level homes, apartments, and light commercial structures, as well as higher end built to order Eco-Homes for the luxury market.

We are currently securing land for phased multi-unit series of community developments in various locations and will happily take enquiries and consider mutually beneficial arrangements, including technology, construction and land partnerships anywhere in the world where there is a need for affordable modern housing.

Wots Hot®Energy will consider any reasonable enquiry to develop land utilising our Eco-House and Eco-Community concepts and designs which fits within the scope of our business goals.

For more information on our Eco-Designs contact Wots Hot®Energy here.