Sustainable Development
Education & Training

Wots Hot®Energy has great hope for the future of mankind, and believespassionately in promoting education and training in the fields of renewable energy and sustainable development.

When we look at a picture of Earth from space and we see the blue, green, white and brown of our planet, it is easy to forget that what we see is literally just the surface. Go down a few hundred feet into the Earth’s crust and it is just as inhospitable as space itself.

A useful analogy is to think of the Earth as an apple. The skin of an apple is proportionally as thin as that part of the atmospherewhich surrounds our planet and sustains not just us, but all life as we know it in the universe.

Humanity has recently fortunately moved beyond climate change scepticism. Whether this has more to do with ecological enlightenment or cold hard economic reality, the jury is out. What is not in doubt is that the youth of today understand and are enthusiastic about sustainability and renewable technology, and Wots Hot®Energy is committed to encouraging and harnessing that enthusiasm.

Education is our Hope for the future

The HEART Trust in Jamaica sponsors the Housing, Opportunity, Production and Employment (HOPE) programme. Supported by the World Bank the forward thinking government of Prime Minister Andrew Holness is lending weight to the concept that if the youth are working, the future is brighter for all of us. Wots Hot®Energy commits to working with the HEART Trust in our Caribbean Eco-Community projects.

Offering trade apprenticeships with on-the-job practical training and simultaneously partnering with universities in research and technology can and does bring bounteous results.

SS Hope, US Navy Hospital Ship – a Wots Hot®Energy sponsored programme.

Project Hope began when a World War II US Naval officer envisioned a floating medical centre that would bring health education and improved care to poor communities around the world. After persuading President Eisenhower to donate a ship and with only US$150 to his name, Dr. William B. Walsh, M.D. set to work.

Now sixty years later the SS Hope has moved onshore and supports medical projects in 35 countries in conjunction with the US Navy.

A true example of how the best of America continues to be the best of all of us, which is a thought often lost in the current uncertainties of political discourse.

Wots Hot®Energy supports education in spirit and in deed, and our sustainable development and renewable energy projects incorporate an education component wherever practical or possible.

Forming partnerships with educational establishments and governments, we truly believe that if we help to train the next generation of budding environmental entrepreneurs, the world will be better for all of us and sooner than we could have hoped.

For more information on how Wots Hot®Energy can help transform your educational goals in the field of sustainability, please get in touch here.