Craig Hartwell
Project Lead

Welcome to our first Mahogany Hill newsletter! It seems a long time ago that I shared a coffee with Prime Minister Andrew Holness of Jamaica in 2015 and simply asked him, ‘What does Jamaica need?’

His answer, ‘Affordable housing and renewable energy!’

With a background in construction and a renewable energy consultancy which had just funded its first GBP 650,000 wind turbine in the UK, this was music to my ears. Fast forward five (can it really be five?) years of slogging away, here we are, just a few short months from commencing construction of our first USD 28m eco-village overlooking the Caribbean Sea in Jamaica. Set amidst a rolling hillside mahogany and cedar forest at 100m elevation, 1.5km from the ocean on old sugarcane regrowth, Mahogany Hill is a dream come true.

As I write in August ‘20 we are awaiting return of the penultimate approval application, with the final document expected to be submitted in October ‘20. We already have the green light for up to 250 affordable homes, and we expect to break ground in March ‘21.

Wots Hot®Energy was founded in 2015 with the goal of advancing sustainable development internationally, capitalising on a network of trusted business partners who share the vision of a cleaner, greener, sustainable world. Whilst we began with a focus on renewables and particularly waste-to-energy, it soon became clear as the market spoke to us of the need for replicable and scalable affordable eco-communities globally. In fact approximately 1.6 billion people need such homes right now, and the need grows with each passing day.

Small Investor Funding Position Aug ‘20

  • Approvals funding on schedule
  • Further small investor shares are available

Main Construction Finance Position Aug ‘20

  • Finance broker hired April ‘20, presentations to begin Sept ‘20
  • Operative Business Plan + cashflow/budget forecast complete
  • Integrated Plan (main construction finance investor modelling) complete
  • Financiers in funding discussions under NDA (11)

Doris Gross
Lead Architect

Jamaica’s foremost affordable homes architect

12 successful developments + 12,000 affordable homes built over 20 years

Germany, USA, Jamaica

Jon Sweet
Business Director

Wholesale financial markets, compliance, business change management

RBS, Deutsche Bank, TPICAP Commerzbank, Nomura

London, New York, EU

Henrik Tuxen
Financial Advisor

Investment banking, corporate strategy + development

3M, ICI, Bear Sterns, Thomas Cook, Tibbett + Britten, LEK

Denmark, UK, Sub-Saharan Africa

Wots Hot®Energy Strength – Security – Quality