Mahogany Hill Affordable Eco-Village powers ahead!

Craig Hartwell

& Project Lead


Subdivision 1 passed! In November the twelve planning agencies of Jamaica gave the green light to the first of two subdivision applications for the Mahogany Hill site, after which we can begin construction. Subdivision 2 (the final application) will be submitted Jan ’21 with expected delivery June ’21. That is where we agree with the authorities the final layout of the roads, parks, gardens etc. and then we can start building our eco-houses!

Our first road complete! October saw a most welcome improvement to site access ready for the construction trucks in 2021. The St Ann parish council tarmacked the southern parochial road, meaning we now have complete access to the entire site for equipment, machinery and materials deliveries during construction. Video link (with commentary by Doris our chief architect!) here.

Successful ground survey and bore holes: October also saw the drilling of 12 deep bore holes to test the rock, limestone, and soil structure of the entire 45 acres; a requirement for any housing project. No old mine shafts or caves were found, no unstable rock, no shifting soil, no surprises whatsoever. Another box checked for the final approval; project on schedule, and on budget!

Small shares update:
30 mobilisation shares were created at GBP 10k each to cover the cost of hiring all the professionals needed prior to construction start so we can begin at full speed. 21 shares are required to be sold to cover all mobilisation fees, with a further 9 shares held in reserve. At the time of writing 17 shares have been sold, with 4 remaining of the first batch. Expected return is a very healthy GBP 35-40k from each GBP 10k investment. Snap the last 4 up quick, because once they are gone they are gone and there will be no more!

Wots Hot®Energy was founded in 2015 with the goal of advancing sustainable development internationally, capitalising on a network of trusted business partners who share the vision of a cleaner, greener, sustainable world. We began with a focus on renewables and particularly waste-to-energy, however it soon became clear of the need for replicable and scalable affordable eco-communities globally. Approximately 1.6 billion people require such homes right now, and it grows with each passing day.

Join us, and together let’s fill that need!

Doris Gross
Lead Architect

Jamaica’s foremost affordable homes architect

12,000 affordable homes in 12 large developments built over 20 years

Germany, USA, Jamaica

Jon Sweet
Business Director

Wholesale financial markets, compliance, business change management

RBS, Deutsche Bank, TPICAP Commerzbank, Nomura

London, New York, EU

Michael Dvorak Financial Advisor

Specialist structural finance advisor expert in sustainable development

KPMG, Raiffeisen Centrobank, WEB Windenergie, S&T

Austria, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands

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