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Dear Shareholders
The last time we spoke Russia had just invaded Ukraine… what a difference 3 months can make. 2022 has been a challenging year for the project as we chase the final major planning approvals. Every time we got close, like the detective Columbo, there was always… ‘Just one more thing…’

To be fair, the hurdles we have overcome this year were related to a traffic survey & a community survey of the local village of Chester where Mahogany Hill is based, & the possibility of both were quite predictable. However as no one had previously asked for them, we worked on the theory of ‘don’t stick your head above the parapet!’

The Good News
Both surveys were successfully completed, including a resounding 100% positive result for the community survey of Chester. Yes, I said that correctly: 100%, which is practically unheard of! A ringing endorsement of the local community who are looking forward to the beautiful development we’re building, the upgrade to roads, electricity, community WiFi, & most of all the jobs Mahogany Hill will create both during construction & throughout the life of the village, e.g. taxi services, house maintenance, food & groceries… the list goes on.

What happens next and what will the next couple of months bring?
Firstly the land title for Mahogany Hill’s 18 hectares/45 acres has been agreed by the authorities, allowing us finally to give the land a formal title number. This is very important as it is a requirement of project finance & also creates a valuable business asset. For those who have been following this it was complicated by the fact that 5 other plots of land adjoining ours had never formally been recognised by the government, & so in order to create our title we had to submit a multiple application with 7* titles on one document – a monumental task which has taken us 3 years to accomplish.

*MH + 5 adjoining plots + original parent title

Secondly we are finally ready to send the entire planning application to the local council for final ratification, which we are pushing very hard to be confirmed by the end of July. Once this is approved in chambers we are sent a Conditions of Approval document, which once we sign this means all systems go! CH

Chester School Community Helpers and School Renovation Donation
April ’22 saw a last minute trip for yours truly to Jamaica to take part in a book donation ceremony attended by the local MP, Mayor & Chair of the Council, & various school & community dignitaries. We donated 250 books & Health Packs to the children & teachers which was amazing, & further committed to building a school sports field, providing security fencing around the school grounds, & other works during MH construction. The national press covered the ceremony as well as TV Enjoy! CH

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