Craig Hartwell
Project Lead

Hello all. September proved to be another busy month with the optimising of the new website and simultaneous launch of the project financial information Data Room. We are very happy that both are finally live. The Data Room took six months of hard work by Michael Dvorak, and an excellent job he did too. Now all investors can login to a dedicated 3-Tier portal offering tiered levels of access to the project finances depending on NDAs signed and ‘need to know’. Why have we done this? Because investors can now peruse at leisure the information they need to make a considered judgement on new investment.

Water recapture is a necessary part of any eco-development, and at Mahogany Hill all rooftop runoff is stored for each household’s non potable use. Road/stormwater runoff is directed to roadside gardens throughout the development along alternating green sidewalks. Purified water from the natural lake and reedbed sewage plant will irrigate a newly announced mahogany and cedar forest on adjacent land: we commit to replacing every tree which has to be removed during construction.

Henrik Tuxen RIP

The team was rocked at the beginning of September when news of a tragic event reached us. Henrik Tuxen, our esteemed financial advisor very sadly passed away of a sudden and unexpected illness. Henrik was a powerful business advisor, mentor, spreadsheet guru and most of all, our friend. Honest, clear headed, ready to assist, ever cheerful, he will be sorely missed. Michael Dvorak steps up to replace the irreplaceable, and we have every faith in Michael who has been full time on Mahogany Hill since April, and in the loop since 2017. So long Henrik ol’ buddy, so sad you couldn’t see our project through to the success we all know it will be. CH

Equal Opportunities Developer

  • 75% of our senior Caribbean team are female incl. both architects + both engineers
  • the entire Caribbean team are either Caribbean from birth or long term naturalised
  • the European team are represented by the UK, Austria, Denmark, Ireland
  • investors are from Switzerland, UK, USA, Italy, Greece and Africa (Principe)

Education and Training in Sustainable Development (planned)

  • University of the West Indies Scholarship in Sustainable Development and Renewables
  • work experience in sustainable construction, off-grid utilities provision
  • outreach to Jamaican and pan-Caribbean educational establishments to kick-start a regional approach with Jamaica as a new hub of renewables expertise

Doris Gross
Lead Architect

Jamaica’s foremost affordable homes architect

12 successful developments + 12,000 affordable homes built over 20 years

Germany, USA, Jamaica

Jon Sweet
Business Director

Wholesale financial markets, compliance, business change management

RBS, Deutsche Bank, TPICAP Commerzbank, Nomura

London, New York, EU

Michael Dvorak Financial Advisor

Specialist structural finance advisor expert in sustainable development

KPMG, Raiffeisen Centrobank, WEB Windenergie, S&T

Austria, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands

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