Newsletter September ’21

Mahogany Hill Affordable Eco-Village latest news! The countdown begins! There are several planning permissions which have to be approved before we can begin the actual building work on Mahogany Hill, however it breaks down into 3 major hurdles: 1. Zoning approval: changing in our case the proposed development land from ‘undesignated’ (ex-sugarcane regrowth) to ‘housing’; […]

Newsletter June ’21

Mahogany Hill Affordable Eco-Village latest news! Hello everyone! First of all may I take this opportunity to wish you all good health and mental and spiritual strength in these trying times. I am fully vaccinated and now feel much more confident about Covid, at the same time understanding how tough it has been for all […]

Newsletter March ’21

Welcome to 2021! Dear shareholder, it seems a long time since I last put pen to paper. Christmas came and went and vaccines were rolled out (gratefully received by yours truly) and the normal world seems within our grasp once again. A big sigh of relief all ‘round is merited I believe. Jamaica and Coronavirus […]

Newsletter December ’20

Mahogany Hill Affordable Eco-Village powers ahead! OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2020 MILESTONES DELIVERED: Subdivision 1 passed! In November the twelve planning agencies of Jamaica gave the green light to the first of two subdivision applications for the Mahogany Hill site, after which we can begin construction. Subdivision 2 (the final application) will be submitted Jan ’21 with expected […]

Newsletter October ’20

Hello all. September proved to be another busy month with the optimising of the new website and simultaneous launch of the project financial information Data Room. We are very happy that both are finally live. The Data Room took six months of hard work by Michael Dvorak, and an excellent job he did too. Now all […]

Newsletter September ’20

Welcome to our first Mahogany Hill newsletter! It seems a long time ago that I shared a coffee with Prime Minister Andrew Holness of Jamaica in 2015 and simply asked him, ‘What does Jamaica need?’ His answer, ‘Affordable housing and renewable energy!’ With a background in construction and a renewable energy consultancy which had just […]

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