People often speak about Sustainable Development so perhaps it is useful to understand exactly what this means.

Put simply it is development where both the human race and mother nature thrive.

By introducing ecologically sound materials and techniques into our construction processes, Wots Hot®Energy undertakes to engage in sustainable development wherever and whenever practically possible.

As we are also committed to providing affordable solutions, sometimes this means a compromise between our standard materials and optional extras, however we passionately believe in pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve bringing truly sustainable developments within reach of every pocket.

Materials (please note not all features below are available in all projects)

Wots Hot®Energy incorporates resilient highly insulating materials into the fabric of our buildings. The result is a potential reduction in energy use in the home by up to 83%* when linked with solar panels and/or other applicable ‘affordable’ technology.

*300kWh per month electricity use reduced to 50kWh per month in one example

These materials are fire and smoke regulation compliant and are flexible in nature so earthquake and hurricane resistant. They can also be altered with relative ease; doorways and windows added or taken away (subject to structural guidelines being followed) and cabling/pipework retro-fitted allowing for new technologies to be incorporated into the building structures post-construction. Extensions and added levels are also possible.

LED lighting and water saving devices as standard reduce living costs for residents as well as protecting the environment.

Solar energy is harnessed and rainwater run-off is retained and stored for non-potable use as standard.

Street lighting is provided by solar/wind powered utility poles which further act as communication and security hubs, housing Wi-Fi/CCTV as required.

Heat exchangers, ground source heat pumps and CCHP (combined cooling, heat and power) as well as dedicated natural sewage treatment plants (STPs) provide further options enabling truly ‘off-grid’ housing developments.

Construction Techniques

It is important when designing low cost Eco-Housing to consider the technical complexity or otherwise of the actual process of construction.

Wots Hot®Energy considers the availability of appropriate labour vital to the success of any development project as labour costs form a significant proportion of any budget.

Simple building systems which can adapt to local traditions and capitalise on existing locally available skills reap multiple benefits, from a reduction in training costs or reducing the importing of specialised labour, to the ability of relatively unskilled workers to adapt or extend properties at a later date (subject to building codes and covenants).

Versatile architectural design can encourage air flow in and around a building utilising natural air currents and in doing so cool in the summer or provide warmth in the winter, dissipating or trapping hot air as required.

Passive deflection or capture of solar energy with heat reflecting or absorbing materials can help to cool or warm a structure throughout its life at zero cost to the occupier.

All Wots Hot®Energy homes and light commercial units contain integrated services areas where renewable/smart home technologies can be housed for ease of access and control, and further provide a hub for retro-fitting new technology and equipment as appropriate, thus future proofing our buildings and increasing their useful life beyond our competitors. 

With advances in eco-friendly materials and construction techniques improving by the day, from flexible photovoltaic cells which can be weaved into virtually any material, to battery technology bringing the concept of housing and offices requiring no connections whatsoever to outside energy supplies, the future of eco-construction is very bright indeed.

For more information or to discuss how Wots Hot®Energy can fulfil your Eco-Construction needs contact us here.

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