Our brief:

  • Locally sourced materials and labour
  • House prices affordable to median income families and individuals
  • Replicable and scalable house and community design
  • Future-proof homes with pre-designed extensions including services zones to accommodate new technologies and lifestyle changes
  • Parks, open spaces and community areas accessible to all residents
  • Street lighting and security promoting safe environs for families, children and the vulnerable
  • Sustainable water cycle including rainwater recapture, roadside garden soak-aways and reed bed sewage treatment providing irrigation for forest replanting
  • Self-sustaining communities enabling development land not previously practical or economically viable
  • Community recycling
  • Partner with local public transport for low impact commuting
  • Commitment to increase the scope of renewables with each new development

We are currently securing land for future phased series of developments and will happily consider enquiries including construction and land partnerships globally where there is a need for affordable modern eco-housing.

Wots Hot®Energy will consider any reasonable enquiry to develop land utilising our Eco-House and Eco-Community concepts and designs which fits within the scope of our business goals.

For more information contact Wots Hot®Energy here.

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