Building a single Eco-Village or a city for a million people the principles of urban planning are the same, it’s simply a matter of scale. 

Of great interest to our Eco-Communities are the environmental impacts of any development.

At Wots Hot®Energy we pride ourselves on waste management and processing, sustainable use of water resources, and maximising the use of renewable energy. 

Efficient land drainage, the capture and re-use of rainwater to irrigate public spaces can open up land for development not previously considered by minimising the draw on precious local resources.

Incorporation of renewable energy from the planning stage can reap exponential rewards – Eco-Villages in Germany generate 500% of their energy requirements through integrated multi-faceted approaches to renewable energy generation, and Denmark is not far behind with 450%, the surplus returned to the national grid generating income for homeowners and local businesses.

We at Wots Hot®Energy believe that with a little thought and the application of ‘affordable’ eco-solutions, we can both stimulate modern community development and encourage the incorporation and integration of renewable energy concepts into all communities. 

Surely it makes sense to spend a little time and money efficiently planning our communities today so that residents can enjoy a lifetime of financial and environmental rewards later?

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